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Food Waste Workshops for kids

Do you want to raise awareness in your class or a group of students about the impact of food waste on climate change and the solutions to reduce it? We offer awareness-raising workshops with our project partner EcoNova Education.

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90 min workshop for kids (K to Grade 9)

Zero Waste Heroes (K to Grade 4)

  • Online or in-person

  • Max 24 participants

By combining comprehensive storytelling and food waste education, students will learn to become aware of food waste and its environmental implications in a fun and informative way. By putting themselves in the mind of a Zero Waste Superhero, students will be introduced to the Super-Villain of Food Waste and on ways to defeat it through practical solutions, adaptable to their age. The workshop includes art-based activities, collaborative discussions, and a team-building exercise to encourage creativity and motivation. This experience will inspire students to become agents of change by empowering their ability to impact society and the natural environment through their daily choices and practices.

Love what you eat (Grade 5 to 9)

  • Online or in-person

  • Max 24 participants

This workshop engages students in critical thinking and discussion surrounding the food waste issue in Canada and the environmental consequences associated with it. Through interactive discussions, games and group activities, students will learn about the lifecycle of food, the environmental implications of using natural resources to produce food and the practical solutions for food waste reduction at home. The workshop aims to inspire our future citizens to participate in ecologically responsible consumption habits to achieve environmental sustainability.

Healthy child eating a strawberry, symbolizing the importance of food-waste knowledge for children.
Food Waste Workshop for Kids