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Food Waste Prevention in Vancouver, BC

Food Waste Enviromental Impact

With more than 80,000 tonnes of food waste generated per year by the City of Vancouver, 58% being generated by businesses, food waste is becoming a hot topic. The discussion has namely been around: should there be a voluntary agreement with businesses or should there be a regulation?

The Circular Food Innovation Lab launched by the City of Vancouver aims at testing solutions to eliminate avoidable food waste across Vancouver’s food supply chain. Every year, tons of foods are wasted in commercial kitchens, leading to increased emissions of greenhouse gases. Not only does this contribute to global warming, but it also puts additional strain on landfills and other disposal methods that generate more methane gas.

We at BetterTable.ca give food waste solutions, so you improve the profitability of your hotel while being benefit-driven.

Vancouver: a sustainable destination

Before the pandemic, the tourism and hospitality industry in Metro Vancouver was growing faster than the regional economy as a whole with over $14.4 billion in revenues and 105,000 jobs.

Destination Vancouver aims at reaching thUN Sustainable Development Goals through: (1) Inclusive and sustainable economic growth (2) Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction (3) Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change (4) Cultural values, diversity and heritage (5) Mutual understanding, peace and security.

The journey to destination stewardship includes environmental initiatives including Corporate Carbon Emissions Reporting, Food Waste Prevention, the GSTC Destination certification, the Canadian Business Events Sustainability Plan, the Destination Climate Plan for Glasgow Declaration Commitment.

Food Waste Reduction Services

Food Waste Prevention Services are designed to minimize the amount of food waste created by businesses and then managed by a waste hauler

Find helpful waste reduction tips from our e-learning dedicated to the Canadian hospitality industry. Our e-learning guide will teach you how to make your professional kitchen save costs and reduce food waste.


  • Popular features of our e-learning manual include
  • It has short videos hence it is easy to follow.
  • Relevant data for Canadian commercial hotels and restaurants are used.

Waste Reduction

At BetterTable.ca, we believe that by eliminating food waste and using our resources more efficiently, we can positively impact our planet. Our team is committed to helping you reduce your company’s food waste and increase your sustainability. We provide education, training, and consulting on how to reduce food waste in your restaurant.

Hotels and restaurants can benefit from our masterclass that trains chefs and culinary teams to become experts on food waste reduction. The program will help you figure out how to optimize your supply chain and make internal adjustments to cut down on food waste.

Food Waste Technology

We specialize in implementing food waste prevention strategies, including education, training, and consulting. We teach our clients the latest technologies and techniques to rethink, reduce and eventually manage food waste.

At BetterTable.ca, we offer Food Intel Tech to enable hotel and restaurant owners to easily track their food waste. The current users of this food waste tracking technology have testified to reducing their food costs by 3-5%.

Food Cost Reduction

If you’re looking for an expert to assist you in preventing food waste, we’re here to help. We have years of experience helping restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in the area reduce their food waste through our consulting services and education solutions.

BetterTable.ca will collaborate with you to develop your food waste reduction targets and implement ways to achieve them. We can also provide food waste prevention training so you’ll learn how to identify ways your hotel can make small changes without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. And when you need support about implementing these changes on your own, we’re here for you!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Below are frequently asked questions about the reduction of food waste:

How Can a Restaurant or Foodservice Operation Reduce the Total Amount of Its Waste?

There are many ways a restaurant or food service operation can reduce the total amount of its waste. However, the first step in reducing a restaurant or food service operation’s total waste is to audit its current practices. This includes examining how much food is being wasted, why it’s being wasted, and how much packaging and other materials are going into the trash. Identifying the source of your food waste will help you determine where best to focus your efforts on reducing it.

How can we manage food waste in the hospitality industry?

First, proper training should be provided to all staff involved in handling food items and developing recipes. This will help ensure kitchen staff understand proper portion control and the best way to store food items. This helps reduce waste due to over-preparing food or not using all available ingredients before they spoil.
Those in this industry should use a tracking system to monitor inventory and identify food items that need to be used more quickly. This can help chefs plan meals better and target ingredients and dishes that will be used quickly to reduce waste.

Restaurants should consider composting options for food items that cannot be served. Composting can help reduce the waste generated from kitchen scraps, which can have a positive environmental impact. Restaurants should also look into donating excess food to local shelters or food banks.

Need Food Waste Reduction Services in Vancouver, Canada?

BetterTable.ca  is a food waste reduction company specializing in helping businesses reduce their food waste. We work with restaurants, hotels, and other businesses with a high volume of food waste to help them reduce their environmental impact and save money on waste management costs.

We offer effective and reliable food waste reduction technology that helps hotels and restaurants to curb food wastage. If you want to curb food wastage in your restaurant or hotel and improve your bottom line, contact us at info@bettertable.ca or call us at +1 604 700 7587.