Women in F&B: 2023 Yes Shef Event at Fairmont Pacific Rim

November 20, 2023 by Ben Liegey

The hospitality industry buzzed with excitement on November 6th, 2023, as the WORTH Association hosted the “Yes Shef” event at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, marking a forward leap for diversity in the sector. Women of Recreation, Tourism & Hospitality, with their mantra to Empower, Elevate, Indulge, brought together an evening to remember, celebrating the incredible talent of women in British Columbia’s food and beverage scene.

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A succesful Yes Shef Event!

The Yes Shef event was not just another culinary gathering; it was a statement of progress. Hospitality leaders gathered in the Star Sapphire Ballroom, a space transformed into a gastronomic wonderland with tasting stations peppered throughout. The event unfolded as a testament to the prowess of female-led teams who are reshaping the industry landscape. These professionals, from Chefs to Sommeliers to Bar Experts, exhibited a masterclass in culinary finesse and beverage artistry.

One of the highlights of the evening was the collaboration between seasoned chefs and young apprentices from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. This mentorship in action provided a platform for upcoming talent to learn and shine beside industry veterans, fostering a future where diversity is not just encouraged but celebrated. And WORTH Association has been able to raise $15,000 for PICA student shefs!

For hospitality leaders, Yes Shef served as a profound insight into the untapped potential that lies within a diverse workforce. It presented an opportunity to recognize and support the rise of women in leadership roles within the industry. Inclusion drives innovation, and events like Yes Shef are pivotal in showcasing how varied perspectives can enrich hospitality experiences.

Diversity in tourism and hospitality is not just about fairness or equality; it’s about excellence. The unique dishes and beverages served were products of diverse backgrounds and experiences coming together to create something extraordinary. That’s the real secret ingredient to success – a mix of different voices leading to richer, more creative outcomes.

In conclusion, Yes Shef was more than just an evening of indulgence; it was a clarion call for hospitality leaders to champion diversity actively. By doing so, we can ensure that the industry not only thrives but also leads by example in creating an inclusive world where every talented individual has the opportunity to shine.

Participating chefs

Leading female chefs were at the heart of the amazing food creations during the event. Participating chefs included:

  • Angela Arreola @ Fairmont Waterfront
  • Donya Darreh Shori @ Seaside Provisions
  • Eleanor Chow @ Cadeau Bakery
  • Jayeons Yoon @ Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
  • Jessica Kwon @ Cactus Club Cafe
  • Juhyun Lee @ Fairmont Vancouver Airport
  • Kate Siegel @ Fairmont Pacific Rim
  • Kaythleen Hilario @ Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
  • Maria Ponce @ La Taqueria
  • Marissa Gonzalez @ Hawksworth
  • Nutcha Phanthounpheng @ Baan Lao Fine Thai Cuisine
  • Pricilla Deo @ Folke
  • Shelome Bouvette @ Les Dames Escoffier BC Chapter
  • Siobhan Detkavich @ Top Chef Canada
  • Stacey Johnston & Minette Lotz @ The Restaurant at Poplar Grove
  • Tia Kambas @ Chambar
  • Ying Ting Gao @ Riley’s Fish and Steak

Meeru Dhalwala awarded

During the evening, Meeru Dhalwala has been awarded for her outstanding leadership in the restaurant industry. Dhalwala’s passion for blending traditional flavors with a modern twist has earned her accolades and respect among her peers. As a role model for women in gastronomy, her award highlights the impact of female leadership in shaping the culinary landscape. This accolade celebrates Meeru Dhalwala’s dedication to excellence and her influential role as a female leader in the dynamic world of restaurants.

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