November: Easy & Tasty Zero Waste Recipes

May 12, 2023 by Ben Liegey

What’s In Season For November?

A great way to reduce your environmental footprint is by eating seasonal fruits and vegetables and buying local! This month, our recipes are inspired by seasonal eating. Eating foods that are in season promotes purchasing from local farmers’ markets, reducing our carbon footprint and saving the planet! November brings us some delicious foods that will keep your kitchen feeling festive and full. Cozy up to these recipes that include yummy cranberries, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and hardy kale. Not only are these recipes easy and in season, but of course, they are zero-waste friendly.


Why is it delicious?
Cranberries are packed with antioxidants which make them a healthy snack for anyone. These sugared cranberries are so festive and can be made in an instant. The sweetness of the sugar pairs with the cherries’ tartness to pack your tastebuds with flavor.  Since they are in season, cherries taste their very best and will for sure please your crowd. You’ll have to hide them before they’re all gone!

Why is it Zero Food Waste?
The best part of this recipe is there will be nothing going to waste. All of your cranberries will be used in this recipe. Since sugar is a staple in most kitchens, you won’t have to throw anything away. 

Food storage tip: If you don’t want to use your fresh cherries, throw them in a freezer bag and store them in the freezer for up to 3 months. Frozen cherries are also a great substitute in this recipe. 

Sugared Cranberries

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Serves: 8 people


What makes this recipe delicious?
Don’t skip out on your greens! Kale can be prepared in so many ways. Our kale pesto is simple and delicious. Pesto is bread’s best friend. This zesty kale pesto can be spread on toast for an appetizer or used in the main entree.

What makes this recipe zero waste?
Pesto is a great zero-waste recipe because everything is being used and consumed! It is easily stored in the fridge and lasts up to a few days. 

Food storage tip: To extend the life of kale in your fridge, keep it as dry as possible by using paper towels inside a large reusable bag. If possible, vacuum seal your pesto to preserve it for up to 9 months!

Sweetcorn Fritters

  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Total Time: 10 min
  • Serves: 8

sweet potato

What makes this recipe delicious?
The best thing about sweet potatoes is their versatility. Sweet potatoes can be eaten steamed, baked, pureed, fried, or even dried. In this recipe, our potatoes are baked and caramelized in sweet brown sugar with some crunchy pecans to make a side dish everyone will be begging you to remake next year. With only 4 ingredients, this recipe is bound to become a staple in anyone’s kitchen. 

What makes this recipe zero waste?
The whole potato is being used in this recipe! Skins can be saved, fried and seasoned to make potato skin chips. 

Food storage tip: To store leftover cooked sweet potatoes, cool them as quickly as possible, ideally within one or two hours, and then store in the fridge for up to two days. Use a potato peeler rather than a knife as this will cut down on waste. 

Brown Sugar and Pecan Sweet Potatoes

  • Prep Time: 15 min
  • Total Time: 40 min
  • Serves: 6 servings

Brussels Sprouts

What makes this recipe delicious?
Brussels Sprouts are nutrient-dense and oftentimes looked passed when thinking of a base for a salad. Brussels sprouts are also easy to find at the farmer’s market and are usually inexpensive! With that, this salad is perfect for your next big get-together. Add some sliced nuts of your choice and top with some cranberries and homemade Dijon dressing. 

What makes this recipe zero waste?
Brussels sprouts are often sold in bulk using zero-plastic packaging. So grab a reusable tote and pick up fresh sprouts from the market to make this delicious dish.

Food storage tip: The fridge is the best place to store brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts that are still on the stalk will stay fresh longer than those sold individually.

Brussels Sprout Salad with Dijon Dressing

  • Prep Time: 15 min
  • Total Time: 15 min
  • Serves: 6 servings

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